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Trend Trading Like You’ve Never Seen

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Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The big picture context of what trend trading is really about (hint: it’s got nothing to do with predicting future prices)
  • Why most retail traders aren’t actually trend traders… even though they think they are!
  • The uncommon truth about the trading “zero-sum game”, and what you can do about it… traders who don’t understand this have practically no chance of being successful
  • The true strengths and weaknesses of retail traders vs. brokers, and how to craft a trading approach that capitalizes on this
  • The ugly truth of the retail trading industry, and how to avoid falling into the hidden trap laid by the brokers, banks and big money traders
  • The wake up call you need to hear if you’re serious about making money in this business
  • The simple math formula you must know so you can be trading profitably for years to come
  • How to precisely define a trend, and how to tell when it ends (…it’s not what you think!)
  • The 2 types of price moves hidden within all price trends… once you learn to spot them, you’ll be WAY ahead of the competition
  • Exactly where to enter and exit trades based on what the market trend tells you
  • The 4 steps to appraising a price trend… this will tell you whether you should be participating in, or avoiding a particular trend
  • The complete philosophy behind effective trade entries (hint: it has something to do with trade exits)
  • The single most important difference between trend trading theory and practical application
  • The secret price action pattern that alerts you of an impending trend reversal (this concept alone is worth the full price of the book!)
  • The most important trend trading skill that determines how profitable you’ll be… this is something NO ONE talks about!
  • The right way to set pending trade orders so you don’t have to sit in front of the computer all day
  • The negative percentage bias that most retail traders are completely ignorant of, and how it affects your chances of success… PLUS what to do about it
  • The trading lot size that facilitates long term success
  • The true purpose of keeping a trade journal, and how to do it properly (hint: it’s NOT just about tracking wins and losses)
  • How to build a well-structured trading system that functions like an F1 race car… with each component designed to function with the others in perfect harmony
  • The 2 most important things you can do to improve your trading… these are the 2 most under-appreciated aspects of retail trading that the professionals do on a daily basis

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am a complete beginner at Forex trading. Should I buy your book?
Probably not. If you’re totally new I suggest that you first learn the basics from any of the countless free websites out there.

This said, we have a limited introductory offer right now so you’d probably want to weigh the pros and cons of buying the book now versus later.

2) How many pages are there in the book?
Currently, there are 110 pages.

3) Will I get future updates to this book?
Yes, you will get future editions of the book at no charge whatsoever.


Limited Introductory Offer

Practical Trend Trading is the second e-book I’ve published in 7 years. (The first was Candlesticks Made Easy in 2008.)

And since this is newly released, I have yet to collect enough testimonials to be put up on this page. This is why I’d like to make an introductory offer for traders who are willing to provide an honest testimonial after reading the book.

Instead of the regular price of $127, you can get it now for a one-time payment of $77 in exchange for your testimonial (a picture would also be appreciated, but is optional).

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